About Bergman

Bergman Beauty Care offers effective skin care, 100% made in Holland. The key value of Bergman Beauty Care specialists is translating medical expertise into result-driven cosmeceuticals. The brand has meanwhile grown into a complete range, allowing for configuring an effective daily skin care programme. The range consists of four product lines: Clinics@home, Cleansing Care, Skin Care and Body Care. 

Bergman Beauty Care’s goal is to achieve optimal skin condition with a radiant, youthful look and feel. Bergman Beauty Care is the only brand using the high-quality element Beta Glucan in its products, combined with other high-end active ingredients. The Bergman Beauty Care formulas ensure the ideal moisture, nutrition and energy balance in the skin. Bergman Beauty Care skin care means affordable luxury with visible results.


Bergman Clinics' development of effective skin care products made in the Netherlands.

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Bergman Clinics was established in the late 1980’s by Dr. Robert Bergman. As a pioneer, his goal was to make aesthetic surgery as accessible as possible. From those days on, Bergman Clinics in the Netherlands developed the highest reputation in the country for cosmetic surgery. In order to be able to provide perfect service, a number of specific products was developed under the name Bergman Beauty Care in consultation with Bergman Clinics’ medical specialists. These products, based on high-end formulas with quick results, form the perfect supplement to Bergman Clinics' treatments. These products are still included in Bergman Beauty Care's current range with the label ‘Clinics@Home’. 

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From pre and post treatment to home skin care

From pre and post treatment to home skin care.

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The ‘Clinics@Home’ products contribute to quick and visible recovery after cosmetic surgery. Based on demand, Bergman, in consultation with the Bergman Clinics specialists, also developed product for daily skin care. Meanwhile, Bergman Beauty Care has developed into a brand offering high-end 'cosmeceuticals' supporting a modern life-style. This Dutch brand combines an effective skin care programme with discrete luxury.

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Bergman and Beta Glucan

The ultimate key ingredient.

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Beta Glucan is the ultimate key ingredient of the Bergman products, known for its recovery properties. Only the most effective molecules are used.

 Beta Glucan results:
- Supports the skin’s natural repair process.
- Supports deceleration of the skin’s aging process.
- Helps maintain moisture levels.

Bergman's formulas are a combination of Beta Glucan with supplementary high-end active ingredients. The silky-soft textures offer cell renewal benefits decelerating cell ageing, protecting the skin against internal and external factors and ensuring optimal skin condition.

Bergman Beauty Care result: From average skin condition to a flawless, radiant skin with a youthful appearance.

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Skin care according to Bergman's philosophy

Perfect skin care according to 'Bergman Basics'

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For perfect skin care, Bergman always recommends adhering to the 'Bergman Basics': Day and/or night skin care combined with eye care and a serum is perfect skin care.

 Bergman Basics:
- Day and/or night skin care
- Eye care
- Serum

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Bergman International

Bergman worldwide...

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Bergman also profiles its products outside the Netherlands. The products are sold in various European countries and far beyond. Today, Bergman's products are available throughout the world.

 Use our store locator to find Bergman products in your area

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Bergman MediSpa and Bergman in the Beauty Parlour

A Bergman treatment and medical beauty procedures

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The Bergman MediSpa combines the best of both worlds: a spa experience and medical beauty procedures. The MediSpas offer a complete range of options with Bergman Beauty Care facial and body treatments, injectables, microdermabrasion, cellulite treatments, peelings and many other specialist treatments.

The Bergman MediSpas are the ultimate balance between medical know-how and beauty care in an environment offering the client a personal choice.

Bergman in the Beauty Parlour
A number of selected Beauty Parlours are licensed to work with Bergman Beauty Care products. Bergman Beauty Care developed various Bergman Beauty Care treatments that you can choose to have in one or our MediSpas or a Beauty Parlour near you.

 Refer to our store locator for the location of our MediSpas and Beauty Parlours 

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